While many initially thought it was due to Jin’s military commitments

As announced in their 2022 FESTA dinner video, the members have been releasing solo music, transforming what would have been material for mixtapes into full albums, and channeling their creativity into a work that’s uniquely their own.

For each member, that journey toward putting “[themselves] together again” has looked different, but they’ve had the same love and support from their fellow members and ARMYs in their individual pursuits.

BTS’s RM opened up to Vogue Korea about what he’s been up to over the past year, and how he continues to challenge himself with his solo activities.

RM has been focused on art and music. He released his debut solo album in December 2022, and before wrapping his promotions he announced that he already had new music in the works.

He’s also been expanding his creative circle, meeting with “a wide range of new people” to collaborate with.

I find myself meeting and working with a wide range of new people these days. This is quite refreshing and inspiring because I was used to working either alone or with just a few people.

RM has long been known for his love and appreciation of the arts, and he often spends his free time visiting art galleries and museums, and has an impressive art collection himself. ARMYs have been inspired by RM’s love for the arts and many have visited art exhibits themselves because of RM’s influence.

During his interview, he was asked how he feels about using his platform to share art, and he got real about his role as an “art influencer.”


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