What’s The Last Dish To Become Mainstream? Twitter Post Sparks Discussion

What’s The Last Dish To Become Standard? Indian food is well-known all over the world, but only a few dishes have recently become mainstream. There is a debate sparked by this Twitter thread. Updated by Vaishali Kapila: April 9, 2023, 17:20 ISTReading Time: 2 minutes What Will Be the Last Dish to Gain Popularity? A Twitter thread about mainstream Indian dishes recently went viral and sparked discussion. Image Source: Istock Highlights Indian food is well-known all over the world. This Twitter ignited a conversation about standard Indian dishes. So far, it has received 126 retweets and more than 426.6 thousand likes.
The rich flavors, distinctive masalas, and unique ingredient combinations of Indian cuisine make it a culinary experience unlike any other. Indian cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes in addition to its bold flavor, with each state contributing a distinct and flavorful specialty. Indian cuisine offers a wide range of flavors that are sure to entice the palate, including the rogan josh of Kashmir, the dhokla of Gujarat, and the pongal of Tamil Nadu. Even though Indian cuisine is well-known, only a few dishes have gained popularity recently. People were asked to consider the last Indian dish that became popular in a Twitter thread. Additionally, it includes a list of popular dishes.
Read also: Is Biryani Underrated? In a Twitter thread titled “Users Share Their Most Controversial Food Opinions,” a user asked, “What’s the last dish invented in India that has become mainstream?” They refer to this as “product market fit.” He also gave a few examples of dishes that were popular. He starts with vada pav, a dish that was made for cotton mill workers in Mumbai in the 1960s. The pao keeps oil from staining your fingers, and it’s a quick snack with lots of carbs,” he continues. He also mentions other dishes in the comments section, such as pav bhaji and kanda poha, which were made in the 1850s and 1950s, respectively. He further adds, “Even samosa was designed in tenth century Promotion, have we failed to remember the specialty of making blockbuster food things? Fusion of cuisines is all I see.” Investigate:

The Twitter thread has received 126 retweets and more than 426.6 thousand likes since it was shared.
The users provided examples of mainstream Indian cuisine, which sparked additional discussion. “Chicken 65, invented in 1965 in Hotel Buhari, Chennai,” one person wrote.
Someone else referenced, “Rava idli was created by the unbelievable MTR café as an option for rice idli as there was a rice deficiency in India because of The Second Great War.”
A third comment read, “Chikki – made as a good peanut jaggery energy bar for railroad workers on the khandala route.”
“Chicken tikka masala,” wrote a fourth author. That is the only mainstream thing.
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