UAE: Man sues former boss for embezzling Dh550,000 from institution

A private Abu Dhabi institution’s general manager has been ordered to repay the Dh550,000 he stole from the organization while he was still in charge. In addition, the Arab man will compensate the institution for the damages with an additional Dh80,000.

The institution’s owner had filed a lawsuit against the defendant, who used to work for him, requesting that he repay the Dh550,000 he had stolen from the company. In addition, the owner demanded Dh157,000 from the defendant as restitution for the institution’s material and moral losses.

The defendant took advantage of his position as the institution’s general manager to steal money from the business.

The plaintiff presented the court with evidence to back up his claims. This included documents demonstrating that the defendant stole the money and used it for himself.

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After that, the plaintiff brought a lawsuit against him in the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Cases Court, requesting that, in addition to compensating the institution, he repay the money that he had stolen.

The judge ordered the former general manager to pay the Dh550,000 he stole from the institution as well as Dh80,000 in damages after hearing from all parties.

Additionally, the man was instructed to cover the plaintiff’s legal fees.

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