Prince Harry ‘could not speak’ as he phone ‘Willy’ after drug shame

By Web Desk, April 4, 2023Prince Harry could not speak as he phoned Willy after being drug shamed. Prince Harry and Prince William protested against a vicious press article about the latter’s alleged drug addiction.

The Duke of Sussex reveals in his memoir “Spare” that a coordinated campaign against him hurt his brother.

He writes: I called Willy. I had no voice. He also couldn’t. He was even more sympathetic. Harold, good deal.) Because he was privy to more information about the spin doctor and the backroom dealings that had resulted in this public sacrifice of the Spare, he was even angrier about the whole thing at times than I was.

Harry continues, But, simultaneously, he guaranteed me that nothing remained to be finished. Camilla and Pa were in this together. This was life as a king. Our life was like this.

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