Imran says ready to wait for Oct if govt has a roadmap

By Our CorrespondentApril 5, 2023 PTI Chairman Imran Khan is pictured in his office at Zaman Park residence in Lahore in this undated image. He praised the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Election Commission of Pakistan’s ruling. — In this unidentified photograph, Time PTI Chairman Imran Khan is seen working in his office at the Zaman Park residence in Lahore. — LAHORE TIME: The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has stated that he is willing to wait until October for elections if the PDM government provides him with a plan to ensure that everything will run smoothly.

The chairman of the PTI praised the Supreme Court’s decision to order the Punjab Assembly elections on May 14 and overturn the Election Commission of Pakistan’s ruling in a televised address to the nation. The occupant government didn’t acknowledge the SC decision and it needed to defer the surveys, said Imran and expected that endeavors would be gone with not to carry out the choice. He also said that Wednesday night would be a night to celebrate the decision. Imran stated that the London plan includes the incumbent government’s use of all means to avoid the polls. He added that the caretaker chief minister of Punjab had been brought in to target the PTI because approximately 3,100 party workers had been arrested. He asserted that few phony bodies of evidence had been enlisted against him and party laborers to keep the PTI out of the surveys. He described the judiciary’s establishment as a beacon of hope for the nation. He added that the Sharifs had always tried to target their rivals by registering fake cases and running smear campaigns, and that Pakistani mafias had unfairly amassed wealth worth trillions of rupees. In a similar vein, he asserted that there was a campaign going on against the judges and warned that the time had come for the nation to support them.

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