Imran Khan Trends Over His “Un-Islamic” Marriage To Bushra Bibi. Here’s Why

The controversy surrounding Imran Khan’s “un-Islamic” marriage to Bushra Bibi Here’s The reason
Mr Saeed guaranteed that he directed their marriage on January 1, 2018.

According to a report in the news agency PTI, a Pakistani cleric who officiated the wedding of Bushra Bibi and former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the ceremony did not follow Islamic Sharia law. The cleric who performed the Islamic marriage ceremony in 2018 for the couple, Mufti Mohammad Saeed, stated that it took place during the iddat period of Bushra Bibi.
A Muslim woman must observe the iddat period, which typically lasts three months, following the death of her husband or the dissolution of their marriage.

As per the news organization, Mr Saeed gave the declaration on Wednesday during the becoming aware of a request looking for lawful activity against the Executive of the Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf for wedding his ongoing spouse Bushra Bibi while she was purportedly on Iddat.

After Muhammad Hanif filed the petition, the issue became public knowledge. The cleric claimed that he was a member of the former PM’s core committee and that they had a good relationship. He went on to say that Mr. Khan took him to Lahore to perform the Nikkah for the couple.

He claims that a woman who claimed to be Ms. Bushra’s sister informed him that the couple was permitted to wed because all Sharia requirements for their wedding had been met.

The couple began living together in Islamabad on January 1, 2018, according to Mr. Saeed, who claimed to have performed the ceremony.

The cleric claims that Mr. Khan contacted him again in February 2018 and asked him to perform the ceremony again, claiming that Ms. Bushra’s iddat period had not yet expired because she had divorced in November 2017 at the time of their first Nikah. In this manner, the ex-PM considered their most memorable wedding with Bushra Bibi to be not as per Sharia.

The Pakistani newspaper Dawn quoted the cleric as saying that Mr. Khan and Bushra Bibi “deliberately entered into an illegal and un-Islamic union for the sake of a mere prediction.” Bushra Bibi was convinced that Mr. Khan would become Prime Minister if he weds on New Year’s Day in 2018.

Comment He added that on the fourth day of Ramadan, after Taraweeh prayers, petitioner Muhammad Hanif contacted him and inquired about the couple’s marriage, to which he responded with specifics.

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