Imran Khan not declared righteous in totality, says ex-CJP Saqib Nisar

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Former Pakistani Chief Justice Saqib Nisar claims that Sadiq and Ameen did not declare Imran Khan to be honest and truthful on every point.

“Nowadays those who do not know anything about the rule of law are discussing court decisions,” retired Justice Saqib Nisar stated in an interview with Dunya News. In the past, judges preferred the person who is now attacking courts. With the exception of one instance, he has always received relief from the courts.

“When I was not the chief justice, Nawaz Sharif started saying on various occasions that I was their chief,” he went on to explain. I had removed myself from the bench in the Panama case, established the disqualification period in accordance with the Constitution, and made it clear that anyone who wanted to assist could do so in the disqualification case.

According to the former chief justice, his WhatsApp had been hacked for the previous two days, but it had not yet been recovered. The individuals who hacked my WhatsApp will be dismayed, despite the fact that there is a possibility that my personal mobile data will be utilized for a specific purpose. My previous videos had already been combined into an audio. The act of entering someone else’s private life is considered theft,” he added.

He added that Sadiq and Ameen’s declarations of Imran Khan’s honesty and truthfulness were incomplete. Political objectives had been served by this issue. Akram Sheikh wrote three Imran Khan-related points that needed to be evaluated. On each of them, Imran Khan’s righteousness was demonstrated.

The retired CJ stated that PKLI’s forensic report would cause concern if examined. A spiritual figure advised the appointment of the PKLI chief. The election is the key to solving the country’s problems. Indeed, even in 2018, impediments were placed in the method of the decisions, which were settled a short time later. Babar Yaqoob, the former secretary of the Election Commission, is the most prominent witness. He continued, “In the past, the country’s decisions were made by spiritual figures who caused the country irreparable harm.”

“I may have taken wrong decisions, but why are the decisions taken for the survival of the country not implemented?,” the former chief justice stated. They claim that I am advocating for Imran in the courts. I would support him by lobbying. Since I am concerned about my children’s future, I will no longer conduct interviews. He declared, “After my death, a book will be published that will contain all the facts and tell the whole story from 1997 until I became the chief justice.”

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