Fresh produce from the source right to your doorstep

Farzana, one of the biggest distributors and importers of fresh fruits and vegetables, is on a mission to bring the best fruits and vegetables from around the world to the people of the United Arab Emirates.

Farzana has been providing services to the business-to-business market for the past 55 years. Today, the company serves HoReCA, wholesalers, food manufacturers, retailers, and consumers by delivering fresh and frozen produce throughout the United Arab Emirates via more than 150 temperature-controlled reefer trucks and re-exporting it to more than 20 nations.

Farzana has carved out a niche for itself and offers something for everyone! Farzana provides customers with the highest possible quality of fresh produce, eggs, meat, poultry, and frozen foods, ranging from bulk supplies of exotic fruits and rare bird eggs to convenient readymade fruit and vegetable boxes for those who do not wish to sacrifice the taste and quality of home cooking.

Consumer demands and expectations have been easily met at Farzana because healthy eating has increasingly become mainstream and the majority of consumers expect the food industry to meet the highest standards of health and wellness, ethics, and sustainability. In 2023, the emphasis on providing high-quality, fresh produce will continue. According to Mohammed Al Sharif, the founder of Farzana, “this means that we, as importers and suppliers, must work tirelessly with growers across the world to bring in produce of high quality that is sustainable.”

This year, Farzana plans to import more than 200,000 tonnes of food and relaunch its company-owned brands Lavida and Farmila in the fresh and frozen food markets, respectively.

Since 2021, Farzana’s e-commerce platform has been showcasing all of the products it sells to consumers and bulk buyers like restaurants and cafes in the Emirates market. Its goal is to provide people with the best produce at the best prices and with the best services. After all, what could be better than purchasing daily fresh fruits and vegetables at the lowest possible prices directly from the wholesaler?

Farzana is now a household name among consumers looking for the highest-quality produce for their families thanks to its special daily deliveries across the Emirates and more than 300 products listed on the Farzana e-commerce platform.

Last but not least, in Dubai, orders placed before 2 p.m. will receive same-day delivery, and orders over Dh100 will be delivered free to customers’ homes.

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