A final push

Talk while seated at a table. Together, break bread; sever the ice. All the nation’s key leaders need to do is that. Disaster is the only outcome of this nation’s steep downward trajectory. Already, a lot of harm has been done; It’s possible that there won’t be much time left before an all-out disaster occurs.

It is necessary to remind all branches of the state that all politics require compromise because they are now involved in national politics and politics. In a political system based on democracy, egos that are rigid are not welcome.

Instead, the government and military must realize that they cannot move forward without the public’s support and buy-in for the extensive reforms Pakistan desperately needs to keep its economy afloat. Despite the Supreme Court’s diversity of opinions, the judiciary must recognize that its strength lies in its unity. The PTI must realize that it cannot survive without establishing connections with other political system stakeholders.

People who are adamant about pushing our institutions to become more confrontational are doing the country a great disservice. They must be persuaded to follow a more accommodating path by those around them, who must reason with them but insist with them.

The process of making decisions that will have an impact on the country’s future must be more inclusive and participatory than it has been in the past, when it was left to a small group of deeply flawed individuals. The nation is currently facing far more serious threats than the moral and financial corruption that our “leaders” constantly deny.

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way,” as Thomas Paine put it, is the appropriate response at this point. The current crop of our leaders ought to allow others to find a way out if they feel unworthy. Only a small percentage of people have access to a contingency plan that includes moving abroad in the event that the country collapses. The majority’s future cannot be decided by them.

Asif Zardari has suggested that the civilian leadership is fine with holding elections, but that they must be held simultaneously. Additionally, his party is leading an effort to convene political parties for dialogue. In exchange for a similar concession from the government, perhaps the PTI can be persuaded to hold elections on the same day if the rapprochement process can be accelerated. In order for parties to obtain a new mandate from the people before the summer ends, this may entail moving the date of the general elections forward.

The gloomy portion of our history that has been written over the past year ought to now be sealed forever. The Pakistani people need something to look forward to from the country’s leadership.

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